Flood Impacts LGBTI Community In Lismore

At 11.6 meters, the latest flood to hit the Lismore area is the worst in 43 years and third largest since records began in 1893. Now, members of the community are coming together to rise above the dangerous water levels. LGBTI rights activist Ben Cooper who grew up in Lismore said the past week has been a nightmare for those with a deep connection to the Northern Rivers Region.

“I have friends who have lost everything and will have to start from scratch,” he told SameSame.

“This flood has particular hit the Lismore LGBTI community hard as much of the LGBTI live in the hardest hit areas of Lismore such as North Lismore, South Lismore, The CBD and in the villages north of the town. South Lismore is home to LGBTI social group Tropical Fruits and the CBD is home a number if queer run and queer friendly businesses such as the Dragonfly Cafe.”

“Many of LGBTI friends have had their lives turned upside down and it will take some of them a long time to recover.”

ACON Northern Rivers is also offering support to members of the local community. 

“To all our clients and community who have been affected by the floods, we know you have the strength and resilience to get back up on your feet,” the organisation wrote in a Facebook post.

“Please also know you are not alone – you can call on us to help coordinate assistance or just for a safe supportive chat about how you are going.”

You can contribute to the Lismore Recovery Fund or request assistance here

Cover image courtesy of the Humans of Lismore page.