A new discussion paper shows rates of condomless anal sex and HIV testing among Asian gay men in NSW are now on a par with the general gay population. 

Titled ‘Effective HIV Prevention And Health Promotion Among Asian Gay And Homosexually Active Men In NSW’, the paper outlines the impact of HIV on both Australian born and overseas born gay men from Asian cultural backgrounds.

It reports rates of condomless anal intercourse with casual partners among Asian gay men have increased dramatically in the last 13 years, with over 37% of 2015 survey respondents reporting it, compared to just over 14% in 2002.

Ninety per cent of Asian gay men in 2015 reported having ever tested and over 80% reported having tested in the last 12 months, an increase of 24% and 33% respectively compared to 2002.

Produced by leading NSW LGBTI health organisation ACON, the paper draws on comparative data from the 1999, 2002 and 2015/16 Asian Gay Men’s Periodic Survey.

ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill said it shows the vital importance of having current data and informed discussion around the HIV response for Asian gay men.

The paper calls for:

•    Regular community-based behavioural surveys among Asian gay men in NSW
•    LGBTI inclusivity and diversity training for all service providers working with Asian gay men
•    Expansion of community-based testing services and HIV prevention programs, and more multi-lingual staff at existing testing services
•    Tailored and culturally relevant sexual health and HIV education resources and campaigns
•    Changes to the legal environment regarding HIV disclosure, testing and Australia’s migration policies for people with HIV

Download a copy here.