On The Comedy Couch With The Grannies, Edith Vale & Maureen McGuillicuddy!

Melbourne is abuzz as hundreds of comedians kick off their comedy festival shows this week, but two of the Comedy Festivals oldest participants took time out of their busy schedule of playing mah-jong and bingo to sit down on our comedy couch for a cuppa and a chat.

They are the controversial rock stars of bingo, with Edith Vale and Maureen McGuillicuddy’s monthly comedy bingo night not only bringing packed out laughs, but international celebrities as well. For their first comedy festival, these old birds have set up shop at the Trades Hall, moving into a caravan for the season.

“I don’t know if you’ve read about the housing market recently but living in central Melbourne is very expensive,” Edith told SameSame, “My friend Maureen and I thought it would be nice to live in central Melbourne but we were wondering how we were going to do it because we couldn’t afford it. We realised that if we brought our caravan and put on a show, then we could just live in it.”

“We knew that if we went to the Comedy Festival and said ‘Oh we are poor little old ladies and we’ve got a caravan’, then they’d put us in the Trades Hall and we could sleep there at night time,” Maureen added. “We’re living on Lygon Street rent free, isn’t that amazing! When are you ever going to get a deal like that.”

With their caravan comfortably set up in the Trades Hall, these lovely ladies will allow 5 audience memebers in at a time for a 15 minute show with three little old ladies (the other being Caroline Springs) who have been travelling around Australia and want to tell you all about it.

“I think more than anything, people like to hear stories, and that’s what we are all about.” Maureen told us, “We’ve been living in this caravan for 65 years and it’s seen more things than a freight train full of fake eyeballs travelling around this big brown country of ours that we are so proud to call home.”

“You’ll get 65 year’s worth of stories about our caravan in 15 minutes, that good value for money. We might also make you a cup of tea and you never know, you might get a present from nanna to take home with you to remember the beautiful times we had.”

“It’s time for those old ladies of comedy to move on, Denyse Scott and Judith Lucy have had their time, we’re taking over.” Laughed Edith, “We reckon its round about time Comedy Festival did something for old ladies like us.”

“We are really concerned about Grey Rights, you hear them talking on the news about Gay Rights, but are more enthused about Grey Rights!” added Maureen.”

From Thursdays through to Mondays the Grannies will be doing four fun shows a night in their caravan, but their not worried about getting comedy festival fatigue.

“We talk a lot to ourselves,” Edith said. “It’ll actually be nice to have some company as our family stopped visiting some time ago to be honest with you.”

“I think the other benefit for us is that people are going to be paying money. And that goes straight into our pocket, and we love cash,” laughed Maureen

“I was reading on the Ticketmaster website the other day, no refunds, how good is that!” cackled Edith.

“We haven’t really bothered to read the guide,” Maureen told us when asked who else she would recommend to go see in the festival, “but if Daryl Somers is doing something, SEE IT! We saw him singing once and it was so, so funny.”

The brainchild of comedians Kyle Minall and Thomas Jaspers, these grannies know how to not only make you laugh but how to offend as well.

Their sharp wit has kept us in stitches every month at Granny Bingo and we can’t wait to pop into their caravan and see what they have in store!

Please note : No late comers will be admitted into the caravan

Click here to book your tickets and join Edith, Maureen and Caroline in their Caravan for some tea and laughs during the comedy festival.