Vic Students Can Now Identify As ‘Other Gender’ On VCE Forms

Victorian high school students will now be able to identify as having a gender other than male or female on their VCE documentation.

“The inclusion of Gender X in student records is of importance to the health and welfare of individual students who do not identify as male or female,” said a spokesperson from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

Students studying VCE will have the option of choosing their gender as male, female or gender X with the VCAA altering the form after requests from transgender pupils or individuals who are not exclusively male or female as well as representatives from schools.

“We do have young people in our education system who are gender diverse so it is about reflecting and respecting every student,” said Education Minister James Merlino.

In a move that has shocked no one, Dan Flynn from the Australian Christian Lobby and called the change in documentation a “threat to change rooms and bathroom usage” and causing potential problems to sport teams.

“Giving boys the right to self-identify as a girl creates all those safety problems. Boys are boys and girls are girls and there would be a fractional category of people who are truly intersex. We are also opening the door to say ‘I don’t want to be a male or a female, I want to be something else,” he said.

“On this, let me clear a few things up,” Minister for Equality Martin Foley said earlier today in a Facebook post, “Any measure that sends a message to young transgender and gender diverse young people, telling them we value their role in the education system and in our society, is a big step forward.”

“Trans and gender diverse people are disproportionately affected in many poor social outcomes – particularly in suicide.  If the VCE’s ‘undefined gender’ ruling sends the message just to one young person that we value them, then it’s worth the effort.”

“For the Victorian Liberals to dispute this – it says more about them and how they view the world than it says about these young people.”

Transgender Victoria has called for the forms to offer four options, male, female and “other please specify” with another allowing pupils not to answer.