WATCH: Welcome to TRANS 101

Today on Trans Visibility Day, YGender have launched their first video in a brand-new series as they dive into being Trans, Gender Identity, and what it’s all about!

“We are expected to act a certain way just because of what’s between our legs. But that isn’t true for everyone,” speakers say in the video.

YGender is is a peer led social support and advocacy group for trans/gender diverse young people. YGender started in 2010 by a group of trans young people who realised that our community needed an autonomous space to support each other and advocate for our rights.

Trans 101 is a starter pack designed to help support trans people around you; helping you to understand what it means to be trans, and how to make the world and better, safer, happier place for trans and gender diverse people!

While Trans 101 is available to download in written form via the website, the first of 6 videos has been launched today covering The Basics.

“I think for me there’s kind of been this expectation that I transitioned because I like guys, and wanted to get with them more easily, actually… I’m a super gay lesbian,” another speaker says.

“People think there’s a binary of male or female and when you’re trans you go from one to the other, but there’s a lot more to it than that.”

“Transitioning isn’t about appealing to other people, or necessarily trying to look like a cisgender person, it’s about a trans person doing what is right for them, and what that means for each and every trans person is different. It’s also important to know that transitioning isn’t instant.”

The Basics has young trans and gender diverse people talking about the terms Gender, Transgender, Non-Binary, Cisgender, Transitioning, Gender Dysphoria and language.

Check it out:

Most of us are taught the idea that everyone’s either born a boy or a girl, and expected to identify a certain way based on what’s between your legs. But that actually isn’t true for everyone, and totally ignores the huge and amazing world of people who are trans and gender diverse.


  • A person’s relationship with Gender can change over time
  • Bodies and gender are separate things
  • There’s no right one way to be trans
  • Be open to difference when you encounter it
  • Non-Binary is an umbrella term people use to define gender that doesn’t fit squarely into male or female
  • Using the term Cisgender helps to avoid a contrast of trans people and normal people
  • There’s a difference between social transitioning and physical transitioning, which can all involve many different things
  • Transitioning is a gradual thing
  • And most importantly, everyone is different.

    “Having to live with a body or expression that you’re not comfortable with can really impact the way you are living. Trans people find different ways to alleviate dysphoria, and the positive impact that can have is enormous.”

    “There’s also never a need to say he/she when talking about a group of people, they will do just fine, its shorter, less clunky and more inclusive.”

    “Using the language makes trans people feel included.”

    YGender believe in community led change, and all our volunteers are trans and gender diverse young people.

    Click here to check out more information via the TRANS 101 website.